Welcome to the blog!

Have you heard the buzz about Apple’s new iPad?  Curious about how the iPad might fit in to arts education? A serious bunch of arts educators from Pennsylvania are throwing their hats into the ring to be part of the learning frenzy.  They’ll be joining this blog to document their excitement about getting an iPad, their explorations, and ideas they have for using the iPad in art, music, dance, or theatre settings.  There will also be a few folks talking about iPads for arts project management or even about supporting the iPad from a technical standpoint.

The iPads are being purchased as part of a USDOE grant for Professional Development for Arts Educators called “Arts Educator 2.0”.  You can read more about AE2.0 at the project wiki.

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3 Responses to Welcome to the blog!

  1. memeier says:

    Looking great, Mara! Can’t wait to get started!

  2. romniewski says:

    I haven’t received my iPad yet, but it should be arriving in the next week. I had the chance to play with them in Boston this past weekend, and I am intrigued and excited to get started!

  3. Mara, when I accept the emailed invitation to join, I get an invite to start a blog at wordpress. Since I already have a wordpress account I can’t figure out how to add artsedtech to my available blogs. Perhaps Chris can help.

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