“I see you shiver… with anticip…”


My name is Christopher Galik, and I am the catch-all whiz kid, wonder boy, techno-weenie, whatever you want to call me, here at the Intermediate Unit 1 Central Office.  I once was a PC, but after working for AppleCare, I am now a Mac.  I have 7 different phone numbers associated with my iPhone, and I feel lost without it.  While the majority of my co-bloggers fill out the “arts educator” portion of Arts Educator 2.0, I am here to help apply the “2.0” at the end.  I shall do my utmost.

Being a professional techno-weenie, I tend to not fear new technology.  I embrace it.  The “Apps” heading in my iTunes Library already lists 8 apps as being for ‘iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.”  Among them are Evernote, Mocha VNC, Google Mobile, and RDP Lite.

The two that really grab my attention in that list are Mocha VNC and RDP Lite.  Numerous times, I find a need to remotely connect to a machine in one of our buildings.  Getting out my MacBook Pro is a hassle, and I don’t always have my trusty hackintosh netbook with me, so having these apps on my iPhone saves my bacon.  Sadly, while my iPhone 3GS is undisputed in awesomeness, its 3.5″ screen makes server maintenance a little tricky.  If I had a nickel for every time I was doing something on my iPhone and thought “Man, this would be exponentially easier on an iPad,” I would no doubt have an inconveniently large number of nickels.

One of our technicians bought an iPad, and I played around with his for a little while.  I thought that my excitement about it might be lessened by experiencing one first hand.

Unfortunately, it only served to increase it.  I wait (not-so-) patiently to see a large box with an inconspicuous “AI” on the shipping label arrive in our staging area.  As Morrissey would say, “How soon is now?”


About Christopher Galik

Tech Services Department, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, Buffalo, NY. My district's name is longer than yours. I fix things with plugs.
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2 Responses to “I see you shiver… with anticip…”

  1. Chris, welcome to our humble blog – and thanks ever so much for joining us in this iPad adventure. We’re lucky to have a techno-weenie amongst us!

  2. lesliegates says:

    I respect anyone who loves apple and can use the words “weenie” and “bacon” in order to make their point.

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