Problems with WordPress

I just wanted to comment on some problems I’ve been having with WordPress.  This may be something to think about should we want to use it with participants next year, either in combination with the iPad or not.

When Mara sent me the invitation to join this blog, I had never used WordPress before.  I’m a Blogspot user usually.  It was easy for me to click on the invitation, create a new account, and be made a member of the blog.

However, I noticed that I can’t go to and sign in to edit the blog.  I have to go to the WordPress homepage and sign in.

Also, James has a WordPress account already and can’t seem to access the blog from the invitation email.  These might be issues if we choose to use WordPress with 40+ people.

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One Response to Problems with WordPress

  1. Mary Elizabeth Meier says:

    This is the same problem I have when I invite students to view a Google doc. I have to send the invitation to the email address that they use to sign in to Google docs (not their university email). It is the same situation with WordPress. When we add a user to the WordPress blog, we need to use the same address that the person is using with WordPress. Often teachers use their personal yahoo or gmail address for their Web accounts, not their school address.

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