WordPress on the iPad

My name is James Ritchey and this the my first posting on a blog and I am posting this from my iPad using the WordPress app. I taught art in the Pennsylvania for 38 years and was department coordinator at the time of my retirement. I am a facilitator with the ArtsEducator2.0 project and I love technology when it is working. On April 3rd I went to the local Best Buy just to see what an iPad looked like and to see if there was a line (there was). My plan was to get an iPad when the 3G model became available but I was fascinated by the look and feel of the device and the User Interface. I have been using an iPod Touch for about 18 months, but when I retired, I started using the device even more. I started keeping my calendar, watching videos, checking my email, playing games, and spending time with my grand daughter all on the iPod Touch. I was always on the look out for a new apps, especially if they were productivity or educational. When the iPad was announced, I knew I would want see if the iPad could do all that I was doing on my iPod Touch and perhaps even more. So, there I was, intrigued, but willing to wait. That evening, I decided to go back to Best Buy and see if they were sold out (they weren’t) so I bought this iPad. It has been an adventure and I have formed some opinions and have recommendations but I mostly feel I need to spend more time “testing” things out. First off I will say that I am in favor of the iPad and I am a fan. I think in the long run it will have a positive impact on education (and our culture) and will at least become as noteworthy as the iPod and the iPhone. I am doing a lot with the iPad, but I am still using my Macbook Pro and my iPod Touch. The iPad holds the potential to take over some tasks from the iPod Touch and/or computer, but i don’t think it is a replacement for either or both. Time will tell.

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4 Responses to WordPress on the iPad

  1. Hi James,

    I’ve been playing around with the WordPress app on the iPad – its not as easy to use as the web-based version of WordPress. It took me quite some time to figure out how to actually get a blog to post. (you have to change from draft to submit). I also couldn’t get a picture to embed in the blog from the app. So it looks to me that the more detailed blogs will be best accomplished from a laptop, while the iPad app will be great for posts out in the field.

  2. Actually, I am using both the WordPress app and Safari. I just added a bookmark to get to my WordPress login page and am entering this using Safari.

    ….more in a while.

    • … And now I am writing from the WordPress app. Each method has it’s advantages and in some ways I visit or read depending on what seems best at the time. Because I have my WordPress account set up to send me an email every time there is a new post, I am usually just reading posts from there. I do find that the WordPress app has a few glitches, but I am finding that in most apps. And also finding frequent updates to most all apps.

  3. …. And now, back at website using Safari. One nice thing about the app, it opens back up to right where I left off. But here, I have more information and more options. I guess I like them both. By the way, it took me a little while to figure out some things in the app also. I’m glad you are enjoying the iPad.

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