Lions, and tigers, and iPads, oh my!

Dorothy is surprised to see what an iPad can do….

So am I.

Always exploring educational applications with technologies, I am interested in all things related to iPads, iPods, iPhones in education and in networking with those that are using them. As an Assistant Professor at Mercyhurst College, I teach art education methods of teaching and computers for teachers as well as supervise art student teachers. Students in my classes use a lot of technology creating wikis, blogs and e-portfolios to document what they learn and research. I am also currently a doctoral candidate in instructional technology at Duquesne University.

As a facilitator in the ArtsEducator2.0 professional development project, I am very fortunate to work with many other great facilitators and arts educator participants who are interested in the role of emerging technologies in arts education. As an iPhone user I have been fascinated with the many ways you can use mobile technologies in learning. Even my pre-schooler and I use the iPhone to create collaborative art and music through various applications such as PhotoPainter, Sculptmaster3D, iWallFlower, Brushes, iDoodle2, PianoWork, and Ocarina. I am looking forward to exploring the iPad as I have been researching a lot of the apps that I plan to use.

I will continue to be tagging a lot of iPad resources in Delicious. See below for bundled resources:


iPads in education:

iPad-related resources:

iPad applications:

iPad in higher education:

iPad tools:

Other iPad resources:

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3 Responses to Lions, and tigers, and iPads, oh my!

  1. Jared Ward says:

    Hello Camille.
    I just found this link via the Art Ed Ning discussion group. Thanks for posting it. We are looking at getting a class set or two of iPads for our art classes. We have already written a grant to get these for our special education department to teach adaptive art. Thanks for sharing your resources. They will be very helpful as we move forward.

    And, on a side note, before the program was cancelled, I taught ceramics for the PA Governor’s School for the Arts at Mercyhurst. It’s a small world!

  2. That is exciting news about your art class getting iPads! Where do you teach? I would very much love to see what your students do with the ipads as I am sure I would learn much from you. Would you mind sending me an update as things progress? I would love that! And yes – it is a small world! ; )

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