WordPress Posting Features

Today I’ve been playing around with WordPress a bit, as our bloggers get themselves up and posting.  I’ve added some new categories to help folks search our blog for the posts most relevant to the things they are interested in reading about.  For instance, you can now see posts categorized as:  uncategorized, introductions, and troubleshooting.  There is also a category called iPad, with two sub-categories: iPad Apps and iPad Stuff.  When you post, I suggest you add whichever categories fit –  you can choose as many as fit your post, and the categories are on the right hand side of the blog window.

When you are posting, its also a good idea to scroll down under the categories box to the post tags area and to mark your post with tags – that is, list key words that would allow folks to search for your post once the blog fills up with lots of writing.  Be sure to click on add to have the tags added to your post before you publish.

Happy blogging!

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