How to Embed a Twitter List on WordPress

So you have a Twitter list that you want to embed on your WordPress blog.  How do you do it?

Can you use the Twitter widget from WordPress?

No.  The Twitter widget (or Twidget, as I’m going to call it), only allows you to embed one user’s tweets.  Absurd.

Oh, but wait, Twitter has created an official widget especially for embedding Twitter lists!  You can just use that, right?

Nuh-uh.  Well, you can, but not on WordPress.  The official Twitter list twidget uses javascript, and that’s against the rules.

Okay, so, since there’s an RSS feed of my tweets, there must be an RSS feed of my Twitter list, too, which I can embed using the RSS widget.

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Whoa, hold on there, chief, it isn’t quite that easy.  You see, while Twitter does indeed create an RSS feed of your personal tweets, they have not yet, for whatever reason, implemented an RSS feed for your Twitter lists.

Bugger.  Okay, so how do we GET an RSS feed of our Twitter lists then?

Simple(ish)!  You use the Lists to RSS applet created by Alex Kessinger.  This handy little applet grabs your (already publicly available) Twitter list, and generates an RSS feed of it.  Brilliant!

From there, you can use the RSS widget built into to have the best (currently available implementation of a) Twitter List widget (that WordPress will allow you to put) on your blog!

About Christopher Galik

Tech Services Department, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, Buffalo, NY. My district's name is longer than yours. I fix things with plugs.
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2 Responses to How to Embed a Twitter List on WordPress

  1. Its totally awesome to have an avowed “techie” as part of your blog team. Way to go Chris!

  2. laurakatri says:

    I’ve just done this! how fantastic, though has the technology changed since this blog was written I wonder?
    Thank you! Laura

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