Hi, my name is Leslie, and

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland College Park and a faculty member with ArtsEducator2.0. One of the things I have learned during my Ph.D. program is the importance of researchers identifying and being transparent about the commitments and assumptions they have that are (or may be) influencing their research. Because I am co-researching the iPad for the purposes of arts education, I am going to briefly talk about some of the assumptions and commitments I bring to this collaborative endeavor:

  • I bought my first Apple product in 2007 and have been an avid user ever since.
  • I now live in an “all-mac” household. My spouse and I both use MacBook Pros and iPhones.
  • I am continually impressed with Apple products and their customer service, therefore, I anticipate liking the iPad.
  • I believe that technology can significantly enhance educational experiences for both adults and children.
  • I believe that technology users are increasingly looking for mobility (lightweight devices, long battery life, wireless access) in a technological device.

I look forward to the things I learn, unlearn, and relearn as a result of our inquiry about the iPad in arts education.

About Leslie Gates

I like colors without names.
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