My day is shot.

I had a plan for today. I was going to accomplish things. I was going to have a productive day, then go home, eat some dinner, watch the Penguins win game 4, then go to sleep. All that is out the door. Why?  I checked the UPS tracking number that has been saved in my UPS iPhone app this morning, to see if the status had finally changed from “Exception.”

It did indeed change.  Holy cats…


The iPads arrived this morning!  Now what I’m going to end up doing ALL day (and probably all night) is play with this thing and learn about all the nifty things it can do.
Plan, meet window.  Now go out it.


If you can believe it, there’s been a brand new iPad sitting in front of me the entire time I’ve been typing this post.  Right there.  Mere inches away.  Have I even touched the beautiful display yet?  No.  Not even once.  I’ve plugged it in, I’ve registered it in iTunes, but I have not yet touched it.  I’m just enjoying the new electronics smell for a bit.  It’s on my list o’ favorite smells, along with sweet pea and recently extinguished matches.  Mmmmmm.  Yum.

How excited am I?  On a scale of one to ten?  About a billion and a half.  Allow me to utilize this visual aid, to more accurately represent my level of excitement.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I’m going to stop typing now so that I can play.  Be back soon! =D


About Christopher Galik

Tech Services Department, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, Buffalo, NY. My district's name is longer than yours. I fix things with plugs.
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One Response to My day is shot.

  1. I think you might be even more excited than I am Chris. I know I’m looking forward to the weekend, and playing around with free apps!

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