Mashing up Apps

Okay – so I am going to have to monitor myself for “iPad addiction.”  Its totally awesome!  I’ve downloaded a bunch of free apps, have sorted them into categories on pages for ease of location, and am now beginning to try them out to see what they can do.

My first step was to change up my screen background using an app called “cool wallpapers”.  Its great that you can scan the wallpapers and save them to your pictures on the iPad.  This lets you get what you want and delete the app for storage space savings!  I chose about 10 backgrounds that I think I might like to use from time to time.  They are easily changed in the settings.  Speaking of settings – one of the things my iPad can do that my iPhone can’t, is to let me drag apps into the dock at the bottom.  Makes it nice to have my most used apps at the bottom every page!

I’ve tried mashing a couple of apps so far.  I took a background picture I had saved, opened it in “Draw Free,” and then added some text.   I then took a screen shot of my image (press the home button and the on button at the same time and the image of your iPad screen is stored in the photos file!) and opened it up in an app called “PhotoCard Lite”.  It let me make a postcard I could email myself – and I used my mashed-up image.  Here’s what I got!  (By the way – PhotoCard Lite has a voice recording feature which lets you create and send audio postcards from your iPad – too cool!)

I imagine that as I begin to play with the various photo and drawing apps, I’ll find more and more ways to mash-up images with the various tools and features each app has.  Being able to take a screen shot of an image really helps things along, allowing me to pull images from one app into another.  The possibilities for layering effects between apps is nearly limitless!

Next up, I plan to start playing around with the various music apps I’ve added to my iPad.  There is an audio embed feature in WordPress so it will be fun to see if I can create and record sounds on the iPad and then add them to the blog as easily as I was able to share my mashed up image!  What fun!  Good thing its the weekend…

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