Exciting Possibilities

The phone rang.  It was Mara informing me that she had an Ipad for me. 
"How exciting!"  We arranged to meet near an interchange on the Interstate
highway where I got it from her.  We both commented how small it was
considering the power it is reputed to have.

On the way home I opened the box at a traffic signal.  "Very cool!"  I
pressed what looked like a button on the front.  Nothing.  "I'll figure it
out at home".  Once at home I pressed the button again. Still nothing, so
I did what I always do, press it harder,  After seven or eight futile
attempts I determined that something else was necessary.  I discovered a
collection of small switches/buttons around the perimeter. These I toggled
every which way I could think of.  Nothing.  "Maybe a battery must be
charged."  Included in the package was a white cord like the ones that
come with an ipod, so I plugged it in.

Later I pressed the button again and a picture appeared.  "YAY!"  The
picture showed the cord and an icon that said "itunes".  "Must be the
itunes app."  I pressed it.  Nothing.  I pressed it harder. Nothing. 
"Hmm, I wonder where the other apps are."  After repeated pressing and
toggling it became clear that it was time to call in some expertise.

My thirteen year old daughter was passing by, so I flagged her down and
asked her to see where the apps are.  She glanced at the screen for a
microsecond and said "You don't have any.  You need to download apps fro
itunes.  That's what the picture means".  "AHA!  How obvious, NOT!"

Since the ipad comes with no documentation whatsoever, and wondering if
she was right, I googled "Ipad instructions".  The results included a
website at
 I also learned that there also exists a pdf file of instructions out
there somewhere.  I will get that later if I need it.  This website has
"steps are all that consumers need to take in order to be putting their
new iPad to full use."  "Okay, step 1. Remove the iPad from its packaging.
Like other Apple products, the iPad is packaged in an environmentally
friendly manner, using as little (recycled) packaging as possible." 
"Excellent I already did that."

2. "Plug the iPad in and follow the prompts that appear on the screen.
Consumers will be prompted to first register their new iPad, and then set
up their iTunes store account. New iPad owners should make sure they have
downloaded the most recent version of iTunes, iTunes 9.1."  I don't have
9.1 so the next task is to download that on my computer.  Upon going to
the Apple site to download the upgrade I learned that it requires
Macintosh system 10.5.  My computer runs 10.4.11.  Knowing that my
operating system is not current and not wanting to upgrade to 10.5 I
decided to try it on the Acer netbook running "Vista".  The first attempt
failed.  The second attempt succeeded (I think) but the quicktime
component failed as did the third attempt. I decided to go directly to the
Quictime download page and do it from there.  I think that may have

That is where I am at the time of this writing.  The lessons learned are:
1.  Nothing is ever as easy as it should be, at least not for me.
2.  If the ArtsEducator 2.0 project decides to equip participants with
ipads there will be issues that should be addressed proactively in

My next entry will talk about this investigative odyssy as my
investigation continues.

About David Berlin

Composer, music educator, consultant, husband and proud father.
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