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When you set up your iPod, as David has mentioned, its tied to your iTunes account.  So if you don’t have one, you’ll need to download iTunes for free and set it up.  As you begin to look around for apps on the apps app (that sounds funny doesn’t it?) iTunes tracks your “purchases” – both those which you pay for and those which are free.

This morning in my inbox was a receipt from the Apple Store for all the free apps I downloaded over the weekend.  I thought it might be useful to share them here for folks who want a short cut to finding some interesting freebies to try out.  I make no claims (yet) about the value or appropriateness of any of these apps.  They all met my search criteria for “free” and were located with the terms: art, draw, sketch, music, instrument, or game. Yes, I did load some games to try 😉  Enjoy!

1 PegLight Free for iPad Free
2 Art Authority for iPad Free
3 Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite Free
4 popplet lite Free
5 Twitterrific for iPad Free
6 Granimator™ – The Wallpaper  Free
7 ABC Dinosaurs – iPad Edition Free
8 MyContinuEd Free
9 eBooks by Kobo HD  Free
10 200+ Cool Wallpapers (HD) for iPad,  Free
11 Glow Draw!  Free
13 Draw it! FREE Free
14 Drawing Den Free
15 Draw with Stars
16 PaperDesk LITE for iPad Free
17 Draw Free for iPad
18 Draw for iPad, v1.0.1 Free
19 Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPad Free
20 Doodle Buddy for iPad Free
21 Soundrop Free Free
22 Sundry Notes Pro Free
23 Idea Sketch
24 Squiggle Free
25 handPaint Free
26 Water Gallery II Free
27 Water Gallery III Free
28 Akina HD, v1.1 Free
29 Doodle SketchUp HD Free
30 iChunk Free
31 Unfolding Space Free
32 I-Journals Free
33 PhotoPad by ZAGG Free
34 Beatwave, v1.1 Free
35 JamPad, v1.0 Free
36 Tap Tap Radiation Free
37 PatternMusic MXXIV Free
38 Cat Piano Jr for iPad Free
39 musicalTouch Free
40 GrooveMaker FREE for iPad Free
41 MixxMuse Free
42 Beat Tap Lite Free
43 PolyRhythms Free
44 MyPiano Lessons Free
45 Rj Voyager Free
46 Kepler’s Orrery3 Lite Free
47 DigiDrummer HD Lite Free
48 iZen Garden LITE Free
49 Learnl Finger Paint Free
50 Magic Sand Paint Free Free
51 Famous Classical Paintings Free
52 Cool Wallpapers for iPad Free
53 Blocks FREE – addictive puzzle game Free
54 10 Pin Shuffle™ (Bowling) Lite Free
55 iMahjong HD Free
56 Break HD Free Free
57 Clickomania HD Lite Free
58 Pac-Sam, v1.2 Free
59 Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 HD Free Free
60 StarPagga Free
61 BlocksClassic Lite Free
62 Toy Story Read-Along Free
63 Dog Piano Jr Free
64 Emblem HD Free
65 BeeCells Lite Free
66 Colorful Aquarium for iPad Lite Free
67 Blackjack Free HD Free
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