Just Reading

When the iPod was announced in October 2001, one thing that changed gradually was the way we manage our music library. For those using iPods and other mp3 players, it is probably common and routine to take advantage of easy and convenient access to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of music. Additionally, the ways to purchase, share, publish and organize music and other audio files has expanded and evolved. I still have CDs, in fact I still have some music on vinyl, but my iPod changed the when and how I listen to music and increased the breadth of what I listen to especially thanks to podcasts.

There are several apps designed to access news sources, blog sites, magazines, text files of all types, and books. For reading the news, I have six different apps that I use for different purposes and for books, I have been using iBook, Kindle for iPad, and Free Books. Each of these three book apps have a set of advantages that make them best for a certain type of reading. For iBook and Kindle, you need an account but you do not necessarily have to make a purchase because many books are free and both iBook and Kindle send a free sample to read before making a purchase.

If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to do some reading on your iPad. Because I use book apps for bookmarking, note insertion, highlighting, dictionary searches, font size adjustment, brightness, etc. my reading is gradually becoming more interactive.  “On Common Ground,” “Ahead of the Curve,” “Change Wars,” and “On Excellence in Teaching” are all available as free samples through the Kindle store.

Good Luck

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