From Inquiry to Quest

After a number of attempts to Install itunes with quictime on the Acer Netbook I finally determined that I think I have it.  Excellent!

I launched everything and pushed the button with baited breath.  Nothing!  Push it harder, still nothing.  Toggle all the switches, still nothing.  Hmmm.   Itunes on the computer seems to be working just fine, but no response from the ipad.  I wonder what the problem could be. Time to call the expert, the 13 year old.    My daughter looked at it, pushed the button and manipulated all the switches.  Still nothing.  “I don’t know dad.  The ipad is not synching to itunes.  Better google the problem and see what people have to say.” And with that she vanished, escaping further questions.  Google the forums.  That is exactly what I did.

So the inquiry continued.  Eventually I came across a promising forum at`/

Here I found the following:

Originally Posted by 300cman

I plug my ipad into my pc, but it won’t sync. I unplugged both the usp and 30 pin connector and plugged them back and it won’t connect with the itunes page. I am connected to my wi-fi and I have I-tunes loaded. Anybody got any ideas?


If something is not working right, restarting or resetting iPad will likely solve the issue. Learn how to turn on/off (restart) and reset iPad.

Products Affected


To turn on

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

To turn off completely

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider.”

Ok. So now I must learn what the “Sleep/Wake button” is.  Boy I wish people would define terms when they use them. Assuming it is the button on the front I pushed and held.  Nothing.  I pushed the black button on the side of the device opposite the power cord and, to my surprise, the apple logo appeared! Then I pushed the front button and the itunes/power cord logo appeared again.  I held in the little black “Sleep/Wake button” and the red slider appeared.  “At last something!”  The lesson learned is that instead of pushing the button harder I need to push it longer as well.  OK.  After turning the ipad on and off a number of times as a reward to myself I proceeded with the forum instructions.

If you can’t turn your iPad on or off

You may need to reset. Note: Only reset your iPad if it is no longer responding.”  Assuming “never was” counts as “no longer”  I did reset.”

To reset

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Additional Information

If you’re experiencing an issue with iPad, see iPad: Basic troubleshooting.”

So the button on the front must be the “home button”.  I did as the instructions said.  I reset the ipad and with baited breath launched the device.  Guess what happened.   Nothing.  Time to go to troubleshooting forums and continue.  This inquiry has become a quest.


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One Response to From Inquiry to Quest

  1. Hi David!

    I’m hoping that you are enjoying this “quest” you are on – as I can see the iPad isn’t as intuitive as I thought it might be for everyone. It behaves SO much like my iPhone that I found almost no learning curve at all. It also helps to have Chris here to talk to whenver I have a question!

    Of particular note – your iPad came with 90 days of free phone support with its Apple Care package. I have the documentation for you and will give it to you at our meeting on Thursday. So hopefully you’ll have another line of defense – in addition to having time to work with those of us who have figured out a bit of the ins and outs of iPads so far! Hang in there – help is on its way!

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