iPad on Wireless Networks

While David has been having some challenges at getting his iPad set up at home, I’ve had some big challenges with mine here at work.  The IU has two different networks – one for employees and one for guests.  It was natural for me to want to get my iPad to work on the employee network, so I paid a visit to Chris Galik for help.

After several visits over the past two days – I’ve found out much more about networks than I ever wanted or needed to know about.  My iPad can get on the guest network, but in order to check my gmail, I have to use the web-based version of gmail versus the docked client.  Bummer.  My iPad doesn’t want to log on to the employee network no matter how many times Chris tries to put in the password, finess the network to allow it to log on, or even creatively hack his way in!

Long story short – Chris now says that Apple is confessing there are some troubles with the networking software installed on iPads.  Interesting!  He believes that a fix will be forthcoming – so we’ll keep you updated on that.

Long story short – you may or may not be able to get your iPad to go on to IU1’s wireless network when you arrive on Friday.  That means you may want to get all your goodies installed ahead of time so you can play to your hearts content offline.  You will also want to have your laptop with you – we’re not ready to make the jump from netbooks/laptops to iPad only just yet!

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One Response to iPad on Wireless Networks

  1. Christopher Galik says:

    If you can believe it, there is a very curious troubleshooting step that Apple says may resolve the issue for some people.

    Adjust the brightness.

    Not even kidding. Check out Apple’s kbase article on the topic here.

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