iPad and Doc Cam

A cool thing happened today! I was helping facilitate a workshop on movement to enhance achievement in reading and math with Attack Theatre. Peter Kope became very excited about my iPad and was looking at some of the free visual apps I have installed. At one point during the workshop he borrowed my iPad and projected it from the doc cam to demonstrate how that tool could be used to create scene changes in the classroom. How cool!

Combine that with the knowledge that I shared with teachers about Donorschoose.org and I bet a few of our 17 third grade teachers in the project will be creating applications for projectors, doc cams and iPads!

Way to go AE2.0 for providing the iPads for this pilot. the cross pollination of ideas in IU1 is well underway.

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4 Responses to iPad and Doc Cam

  1. Christopher Galik says:

    Kinda sad that the iPad to VGA cable that Apple sells does not enable projecting the iPad screen directly, only videos and slideshows and such. Seems (for now) the doc cam method is the best available for demonstrations.

    • Well its actually good to know that the project from iPad doesn’t actually exist – and that we “accidentally” found out how it can be done! If we go with iPads for art educators, we’ll want to make sure everyone has a doc cam too – otherwise, its just a glorified iPod or PDA!

      • As an iPad developer, I’d say, let the developer know you want this feature! I’d consider adding video-out support to my own apps if I thought it would mean more sales.

  2. Christopher Galik says:

    Actually, I spoke too soon. A well established iPhone / iPad developer by the name of Ryan Petrich has released an app for (jailbroken) iPads called DisplayOut, which enables mirroring of the iPad’s display through the Apple Dock Connector to VGA adapter. Read about it on the app’s ModMyi page.

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