Obligatory unboxing post

Well, no one’s done it yet, so here is my unboxing post.

Such an unassuming cardboard box:


Wow, it looks a lot like a really big iPhone:

Interesting that Apple went with the matte aluminum back like a MacBook instead of the shiny back like an iPhone:

We have contact.  Repeat: we have contact.

So far, I’ve discovered the Kindle app and some great cheap games.  When I start buying apps, I hope to explore some of the cool music apps and find some professional books via either Kindle or iBooks.

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2 Responses to Obligatory unboxing post

  1. Christopher Galik says:

    In the interest of strict accuracy, it’s more like a big iPod Touch. =P I wish it would’ve come in retail packaging, instead of the bulk packaging of the education 10-pack. But opening a box of 10-iPads is way cooler than one retail-packed one. =D

    • Yes – the 10 pack was pretty exciting to see! I’m glad you and Steve waited to open it until I got there. Handing over iPads in their plain brown dressing was pretty anticlimatic for folks though.

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