Proper use of Promo Codes

When Chris Galik gave me a promo code for the “Art Authority” app (please contact me if you wanted to try the app and didn’t get the code) I was excited to try it out!  So I clicked on the app store icon and installed it on my iPad.  Oops… I quickly realized this isn’t the right way to install gifted app that has a promo code.  I ended up being charged for the app on my iTunes account ($9.99 plus tax).

This morning I’m blogging here while I’m on hold with an Apple Store rep, trying to get them to credit my iTunes account for the cost of the “Art Authority” app – giving them the promo code.  While they are working on that for me, I opened up iTunes and pasted in another promo code that Chis gave me for an app called “LineSpace”.  This time, I put the promo code in and the app was downloaded immediately into iTunes.  The next time I hook up my iPad, the app will be transferred to it when the synch happens.  The proper procedure to redeem a promo code (or an iTunes giftcard) is: 1. open iTunes, 2. open the iTunes Store, 3. click on redeem in the upper right hand corner, 4. type in your code and click redeem.   This assumes you’ve set up an iTunes account with your credit card – which we realized you have to do anyway in order to install any apps of any sort – free, promo, or otherwise.

This was a great lesson to learn the hard way before we would implement iPads with teachers.  We need to know, and to make sure teachers know, that there are two ways to find/buy/install applications.  The easiest being – use the apps icon on the iPad.  The second being doing the same through iTunes on a computer.  The first is a great method for finding and installing free apps, and even apps you want to pay for.  The second is the only way to redeem promo codes – you can’t do it on your iPad (at least that I can see yet).  Itunes is probably the best way to search for paid apps too as you can add funds to  your iTunes account to cover the cost of apps.

Hope this helps you as you begin to explore paid and apps with promo codes!

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One Response to Proper use of Promo Codes

  1. “The second is the only way to redeem promo codes – you can’t do it on your iPad (at least that I can see yet).”

    You could probably use Safari on the iPad, go to the apple store and redeem a promo code. I redeemed my code using my laptop but I just now used Safari on the iPad to check my balance and my account information and everything works fine. The iPad is designed to surf the web and so far all the web addresses look the same and for the most part work the same. As we know, flash is the most notable exception.

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