iPad Training Resources

I subscribe to a number of Diigo groups and usually use Sunday mornings as a time to look through the finds that people have left during the week.  I probably choose this time because its when the Diigo updates appear in my inbox 😉  (An interesting side note – because I’m now having trouble getting my iPad up on my home wireless network, I’m blogging on my desktop computer.  Investigating the networking issues at home will be my next task of the day!)

This week there was a great link to a site that had iPad resources, so I decided to check some out.  First up is Apple’s iPad Tour site.  For the visual learner, its a great way to get to know your iPad – especially considering the lack of documentation that comes with the educational pack of iPads (only 1 small handout for all 10 devices).  You can watch videos here on all of the basic apps which come pre-installed on your iPad.  Not a bad place to start getting to know your iPad’s features I think!

For the new user who has never used iTunes before (a must for the iPad as far as I can tell), check out Apple’s videos on downloading and installing iTunes on the computer that will host the iPad.

I am particularly interested in using my iPad to support my administrative work – especially for the Arts Educator 2.0 project.  I ran across a link to Apple Learning Interchange‘s exhibit for the use of the iPod touch and iPhone in administration.  While there doesn’t appear to be any posting on the iPad for similar purposes yet, I bet the info here will apply to the iPad as well.  I plan to have a look around!

Some other cool links & posts I plan on checking out are:  How to turn your iPad into a display for your iPhone camera. As we begin to think about a deployment for teachers, a great place to read about what works and what doesn’t with iPods and iPads might be the iPod User Group (blog & wiki) which now has info on iPads too.  Of course a scan of Apple’ featured Apps for Education is worth a look too.  The Learning Continuity Google Site is also a good first look for ideas about apps to try.

When I figure out the networking issue for my iPad at home, I’ll be sure to post notes here!  I’m hoping that these network issues are actually resolved soon by Apple, otherwise I think our plans for implementing with teachers in the fall should be put on hold.

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One Response to iPad Training Resources

  1. Mary Elizabeth Meier says:

    Mara, There are some really great links in your post here. In particular there are some great ideas about using iPad/iPod/iTunes for the purpose of developing and viewing an e-portfolio. The iPad would be a beautiful way to showcase a multimedia portfolio. See http://wiki.canby.k12.or.us/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/29c74/Using_iTunes_as_a_Digital_Portfolio.html

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