More on iPad and Wireless Issues (a personal investigation)

Okay, so here I go, trying to sleuth my wireless connectivity issues at home – with out a Techno-Weenie by my side to help!  I’m sharing the process here, in hopes it may helps someone else.

I started by Googling “iPad wireless issues” and did some reading about the general issue that many folks seem to be having – sounds systemic to the iPad to me.  Here’s a great summary of what has been going on with iPad wireless since day 1 apparently!  Next I moved on to Apple’s own iPad area on troubleshooting wi-fi network issues.  Lots of good tips for basic troubleshooting your network here – such as making sure the wireless router is turned on (duh!) and trying another device on the network (of course I did that!).  Next suggested is to go into the network settings and take the device off of the wireless and then to put it back on again. Actually I had tried that intuitively earlier this morning with no success.  Sigh!  I had even tried “renew lease” in my settings – not knowing what it meant, but figuring that renewing anything can’t be all that bad of an idea.  Again, no luck.

So now its on to the more absurd methods.  I’ve gone in and played with my brightness settings as Chris had mentioned.  What that has done for me is actually to apparently help me keep the wireless icon stable and visible in my upper right hand corner – although I still don’t seem able to get online on my home network yet.  I’m going to do a complete power-down of the iPad (hold power button until the red slider appears) and see if letting it sit in a completely off position for a while helps.  …Nope!

So now its on to getting to know my wireless router better – I have a Belkin N which seems to play nicely with both Mac and PCs – apparently that may be the culprit.  First looking online about it – not much help.  Next locating the router’s install disc and working through the manual.  In frustration, I used the little “reset” button on my router to start it over and somehow I undid the lock I had created on my network.  Seeing a strange network I wasn’t aware of, and no longer seeing my named network I tried joining the new network – voila!  My laptop goes on the random network and so does my iPad.  Now mind you – I don’t suggest you or I leave our networks unsecured – but at the moment, it appears that something about the named network, and the iPad trying to join it automatically don’t mix.  I’m off to lock my wireless back down again.

Network now locked back down, and both my laptop and iPad are on the network.  Looks like the comments I read about the iPad not liking to rejoin a network are true.  I hope this fix will hold here for the moment.  I’ll let you know if I run into trouble again.  Happy networking!

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2 Responses to More on iPad and Wireless Issues (a personal investigation)

  1. Ed says:

    A couple of resources and a bit of information that might help you with the iPad wifi issue.

    First, since the wireless N standard was not fully ratified until about 1 year ago, many devices are in need of firmware updates to implement the final version of the standard. This being said, some still have a few unresolved compatibility issues. Regarding security settings, the different types of encryption and authentication that you put in place can cause a variety of connection and speed/performance issues. WEP security is basically worthless at this point in time, but would probably keep your typically neighbor from using your Internet service. Beyond WEP there are implementation differences in WPA security (WPA, WPA2 – Personal, WPA2 – Enterprise, using AES, TKIP, RADIUS, etc). Most of these differences are found in home versions of network devices, versus enterprise level devices you might find at work, or in a large business or chain of stores.

    Without going into details on all the potential wireless network security and compatibility issues that might have caught Apple with the initial iPad release, here are some recent knowledge documents and blog updates that should help you work through this.

    Cnet: Apple Promises Fix for iPad Wi-Fi Problems

    iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks

    iPad: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections

    • Hi Ed,
      Thanks for jumping in here and explaining things further for me. As an educational technologist, I prefer to support the teaching/learning parts of technology. Its nice to have an outsider in the know offer to help us out so willingly!

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