A PC User Encounters the iPad – Part I – The UnBoxing

Today I received my iPad with the caveat:   “Here it is- it has no instructions.”  I think this was followed by an evil laugh but I’m not sure.  Savoring the moment I waited to open my treat until my evening work was done.  Then it was just I and the box- and my roommate- a longtime Mac user, iPod user, techno geek whose skills I greatly envy, and who also received an iPad today.   I opened it carefully, reverently.  I am a varsity PC user- I am known in some circles as very techno-savvy.  In fact I have been called “the help desk” by some- although my sons laugh uproariously when they hear that one.  I am woman hear me roar – I need no instructions!  I turned it on.  Nothing. … Ah ha!  I charged it up.  I turned it on…… I watched as the cheerful little icon popped up telling me to connect to iTunes…. I plugged it in to my netbook.   I downloaded iTunes.  I watched as iTunes cheerfully converted music I didn’t know I had into files perfect for my iPad… … I played with the buttons.. I tipped the screen.  I discovered on and off.  I discovered volume- which was a moot point since I had as of yet been unable to produce anything to hear.  I unplugged it and played with the buttons again.  I tried pushing buttons simultaneously.  I tried pushing buttons in patterns.  I watched as the cheerful little icon appeared telling me to connect to iTunes…I connected it to my Netbook again- yep I have iTunes. I Googled several videos and watched several gushing people show me all of the wonderful applications.  I turned it on again and I WATCHED AS THE CHEERFUL LITTLE ICON POPPED UP TELLING ME TO PLUG IT IN TO ITUNES!!! At this point my room-mate showed me how she could play music, watch a video and drive her jelly car down a bright yellow brick road.  I showed her how I had learned to keep the cheerful little icon telling me to connect to iTunes from turning on it’s side………….

About Cory Wilkerson

Cory is a Free Lance Arts Education Consultant working with Arts Ed 2.0 and Project Manager for State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education.
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2 Responses to A PC User Encounters the iPad – Part I – The UnBoxing

  1. Cory,
    My apologies for not seeing your “unpublished post” for so long! I didn’t realize we hadn’t changed your status from a contributor to an editor in the user panel. Now that I’ve done that, your posts should show up automatically in the blog, without approval. Happy blogging!

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