Fun with Routers (part 2)

It seems my efforts to solve my wirless connectivity issues at home with my iPad were not quite enough.  This morning I followed up on the great links shared by Ed in his comments on my original post about not being able to get my iPad to consistently join or stay up on my wireless network at home.  This time, I followed Ed’s advice to learn more about firmware.  It appears that my router has had some updates to the programs that make it run – and they had not been updated.  After a couple of tries to guess which download was the right one (yeah, I really do just like to do the trial-and-error method!) I followed the instructions on how to determine which model I had.  That firmware update complete, my iPad now appears to be friends with the wireless router.  Hooray!

My thoughts on all of this?  Well, I can only guess about what teachers might encounter with an iPad.  If they want to use it at school, then they’ll have to have access to the school wireless and have help from the IT folks to get it connected.  If they want to use it outside of school, then they’ll have to be aware that there are can be connectivity issues, depending on the type of router being used in the location they are utilizing.  They’ll also need some measure of fearlessness and tenacity to locate all of the information needed to work through those issues – or at least a mentor or friend who can help them figure it out.

What have I learned in all of this?  I learned that my complete reliance on “geeks” and “techno-weenies” is great, but that I can figure things out for myself when I absolutely have to.  This was a good confidence building activity for me.  Do I want to become a “techno-weenie” someday?  Certainly not!  I’ll leave those designations to guys like Chris at the IU who so clearly excel at the work – and seem to really enjoy both the title and the accolades they both bring!

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One Response to Fun with Routers (part 2)

  1. Just a quick update. The fix seems to be holding steady so far. I think the real test will come when I take the iPad out and put it on another network. If it can remember the home network when I return, then the issue may be resolved.

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