iPad case

I was finally able to find a case that I like. I ended up ordering the InCase iPad convertible book jacket, and it’s great! It has a built-in 3 position stand and protects the iPad really well. I have the link but am typing on the iPad and can’t figure out how to paste text that’s been copied into WordPress. A little help would be appreciated!

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One Response to iPad case

  1. Sometimes I do all of my composing of text in Pages, then copy and paste into WordPress running in Safari (which is what I am doing for this reply). The WordPress app has a few glitches and I do so many corrections and re-typing that even though it seems like an extra step, the process works for me. You didn’t say if you were pasting in the WordPress app or WordPress in Safari, but I’ll mention that I haven’t used the WordPress app for quite some time because I don’t like the UI.

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