I wrote a blog post about my new iPad case – on the iPad using the WordPress app – this weekend. Today, when I finally got around to checking the blog, the post isn’t here! When I get home tonight, I’m going to get my iPad on the wireless and see what’s going on with that post. Has anyone else had trouble publishing from the WordPress app?

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  1. I regularly have trouble with both the WordPress app and logging into the blog at Right now I am writing on my iPad but I am at using Safari. I got here by reading your post in my email and touching on the comment button. BTW, when I say I have trouble with, that means I have trouble using the iPad and have trouble logging in with my laptop. I find the interface a little cumbersome, but I am getting used to it. Actually, it is getting so the easiest way to log on, reply, compose, and post is to launch Safari on my iPad and work from there. Again, I have found it glitchy and cumbersome, but I am getting used to it, getting better at it, and definitely enjoying it. Good luck.

    • Just now I deleted the WordPress app from my iPad, opened the app store, re – downloaded the WordPress app, and re – entered the blog address for artsedtech. Now the app seems to be working okay (I am entering this comment from the WordPress app). You can try the same process and see if it helps.

    • Mara Linaberger says:

      The issue I had with the WordPress App for iPad was that it took me FOREVER to figure out you have to change a setting in the post to get it to post! You’ll notice your posts are listed as “local drafts” in the app. When you are in editing that draft, you have to click next to “status” on the words “local draft” and change them to “published” when you are done and want to publish. Kind of a weird step – and not so obvious.

      My challenge is that I have a local draft now that I want to delete – and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. All in all though – this has been a neat inquiry!

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