According to MobileBeat < >. 2,000,000 iPads have been sold since the April 3 launch. Volumes at this scale make my head numb. If you divide 2,000,000 by 60 days, you get a fraction that has me wishing I could get a slice of this pie. (I think I’ll rent Superman III.) Recently, while reading a book on my iPad kindle, I saw 7 sentences underlined with dozens of dots. When I touched on the section, a dialogue window opened that said, “13 other people highlighted this part of the book.” Later when I touched on the book icon at the bottom of the page I was able to touch on “GoTo Popular Highlights.” There are 10 different highlighted sections from a total of 136 highlighters. For the book I am currently reading, at the Amazon book site, there are 3 discussions and 25,821 members in the associated community. Here is how I figure it. If 3 English teachers from 501 Pennsylvania school districts, assign 5 classes of 30 students to read Shakespeare’s Henry the 5th part 2, Act 3, Scene 1 and highlight 4 lines that add to the character’s in10sions, the resultant venn diagram on least common denominated vectors could be rounded off and triangulated tangentially with the class. See? Sum text book publisher is going to figure this out and make $.

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  1. Hi James,

    Fascinating timing – I just bought my first Kindle book for the iPad this weekend, and was planning to blog about it today. I was just reading today about how the Kindle is bombing on campuses – will blog my thoughts about that too! I do think digital books have their place – its just that we aren’t quite sure where yet!

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