iPad Show & Tell

This past week I had a chance to let my iPad circulate around the room during 2 meetings at the IU and I have some insights about that experience.  I sense that folks are both envious and glad initially when the iPad comes out of the bag.  I can’t count the number of people, who when they hear about our project pilot of the iPad, volunteer to be a pilot tester on our behalf! It seems as though everyone wants an iPad!  It also appears that lots of folks still haven’t seen an iPad, let alone gotten their hands on one.  That’s what this post is about – letting people get hands-on time with the iPad.

In my work to share and to help my colleagues integrate technology, it made sense to share the iPad, letting people try it out.  So I shared it at both a department meeting and with our district curriculum coordinators.  What I noticed though was that, to my surprise, one person launched the apps for my two email accounts!

My assumption that etiquette would dictate a general understanding that its not polite launch those apps was incorrect.  I have both the client for my work email and the basic desktop email client configured to automatically open my email when the app is launched.  So after this little mishap, I went in and figured out how to keep that from happening again.  With the work app (we use a tool called Firstclass), its just a matter of deleting the password from the login screen.  With the desktop email, you have to go into “settings” and then into “mail, contacts, and calendars”.  From there you go into your particular email account and turn it “off” or “on”.  My new routine now will be to go in and turn my email “off” when I plan to send the iPad around the room or into the hands of a stranger.

As some of us prepare to head to ISTE in a couple of weeks, I think this will be a real necessity, as I can imagine lots of folks are going to ask to try out the iPad wherever we go.  I think its safe to assume that with such a new tool, curiosity will get the best of most people, and that keeping private information private is our own responsiblity.

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