Martha Speaks and Children Learn

My daughter who will soon turn five, is fascinated with the iPhone and iPad apps available for kids. Lately she has been exploring the Brushes, Blowfish and Blowfish Poppers apps. I have been thinking a lot about how young children learn with digital technologies after watched my daughter using them.  I am also wondering what our school systems are doing to support our young children learning through mobile devices and other technologies in the classroom.

I am pleased to see research regarding the implications of mobile apps in children’s learning. Yesterday I read an article about a PBS study that suggested that children ages three to seven who played with the Martha Speaks Dog Party app improved their vocabulary as much as thirty-one percent. Incidently the study was conducted with Title 1 students. Since my daughter loves the popular Martha Speaks PBS program, I decided to download the app to my iPhone so that my daughter could explore it. Surprisingly the app isn’t available for the iPad.

Here is a video tutorial of the app:

The study also reported that “smart phone usage is twelve percent higher in households with children than other households.” Considering this it will be interesting to see the development of new education apps for children.


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