iPad vs. Netbook, Part 1

I decided to do a real acid test for myself – I came to ISTE in Denver with just my iPad and Netbook – I left my Macbook at home.  I wanted to see which one I preferred, and if I’d miss my Macbook and its size and speed.  So far I have the following observations.

1.  Setting up things like live-blogs, or inviting someone to blog is much more easily accomplished with a netbook because of the keyboard.

2.  The iPad is nicer to use in a meeting when you are asked to get up and move to another table quickly.  It moves easily, and you can continue to tweet, blog, etc. with the iPad, in an albeit scaled back way.

3.  I still like a “computer” best – mainly because I can multitask.  That, is perhaps the biggest drawback is the inability to have multiple windows or tabs open.

Someone at ISTE tweeted this observation, which I think sums it up: “Does iPAd replace laptop” is like asking “does Twitter replace blogs” – they resemble each other but they do different things.”  The iPad is cool and simpler use.  The netbook is more functional.  Both have their purpose.

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One Response to iPad vs. Netbook, Part 1

  1. coryarts says:

    Weighing in on the iPad vs. netbook- I too brought only my netbook and iPad to ISTE – I found that multiple times my iPad had connectivity issues… is it just me???

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