Using CoverItLive with the iPad

Mara and I are at ISTE and we’re using CoverItLive to blog the sessions.  Mara only brought her netbook and iPad, leaving the Mac laptop at home.  We’ve found that the following are true when using the CoverItLive app with the iPad:

1. The app is only available for iPhone right now.  That means it works on the iPad, but not in the native resolution.

2. It has very limited functionality.  You can only create a new event, post to an event, approve comments, and invite people to view the blog.  Integration with Twitter is also limited.  We had to jump on our laptops to get me invited and approved as a producer who is able to post unmoderated comments using my iPad.

3. But once you’re set up, the iPad is a great way to use CoverItLive.  There’s something really nice about not having a vertical screen between me and someone who’s speaking.

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