Netbook, iPad, and iPhone – Oh My!

Two days in at ISTE2010 and I have decided that the trio which form the title of this blog post are an awesome combo.  Each have found a specific niche in my efforts to document my learning at the conference.  As research tells us, its best to model best practices vs. just lecture about them – so I’m enjoying practicing the kind of documentation we hope our Art Educator 2.0 participants might engage in with their netbooks and iPads next year. (No, don’t get excited, we aren’t buying everyone an iPhone!)  I’ll share my expanded thoughts about each tool below:

Acer 1410 netbook – I really am enjoying the netbook at ISTE.  I’m an extremely fast typer and so it has been fantastic for taking longer and more detailed notes in the liveblog I’m keeping as a co-created journal here this week.  Its how I’m doing this blog post, as I want to have some time to have fun, not just hunt and peck on my iPad.  One other great thing about my netbook has been that it has remembered the wireless domain in both the convention center and the hotel, without fail.  I simply close the lid and go from session to session, hopping right back online with ease.

iPad – beyond the novelty, the iPad has been fun to use.  I had a blast sharing it with teachers in ISTE’s Digital Arts Playground, letting folks try out the ton of free music and art apps I had loaded up on it.  I also put an icon to the DAP survey and let folks use the iPad to take it.  The iPad was a life saver for blogging when my netbook ran out of juice yesterday.  It has also let me quickly check in on my email in some interesting places.

iPhone – my iPhone has been the amazing workhorse at ISTE this year.  Not only has it gotten me into my work email (my app on the netbook stopped working because of my upgrade to Windows 7), but it has let me do amazing things with the CoverItLive blog we’re keeping.  Using the CIL app for iPhone, we’ve taken pictures and video directly into the blog.  People have really enjoyed seeing their pictures appear up online on our AE2.0 wiki moments after they’ve been taken.  We’ve also used the iPhone to take pictures of our SIGAE membership – a visual digital log of the members, so to speak.  We also got amazing pictures of the digital artist we invited to our Birds of a Feather session.

I can’t say I like one tool over the other at this point.  They are a dynamic trio I think will follow me wherever I go for some time to come.

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One Response to Netbook, iPad, and iPhone – Oh My!

  1. Camille Dempsey says:

    Thanks to you, Cory and Jamie for all the documentation at ISTE for those of us who couldn’t attend. It was great to be able to read about some of your experiences with tech….

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