TypeDrawing on the iPad

Recently I stumbled onto an app called, “TypeDrawing” for the iPad that features drawing with typography. I was fascinated with this $1.99 app as I began drawing with my finger on the surface of the iPad. I thought this would be a very interesting app to draw with using a stylus because of the ability to zoom in to add finer details to the drawings. However, since I don’t have a stylus, I discovered that you can zoom in to specific areas by pulling two fingers together on the surface of the ipad allowing for much more detail with the fingertips.

Upon searching the internet I discovered a Flickr art gallery group specifically for “TypeDrawing” examples. Here are a few of those I discovered that are my favorites:

What Type Am? by Julia Kay

Antia by Xoan Balter

Some of the examples combined apps such as this one using Sketchbook Pro and TypeDraw:

Sigma DP2 by Ridomint

Because the app also lets you draw over photographs I thought this would be a great way for students to explore text and image with a piece of art that they created with studio materials, scanned and then manipulated with this app. The Flickr gallery for TypeDrawing provides some examples of ideas that teachers and students may wish to explore. Does anyone else have any ideas about interesting apps to use in conjunction with this one or interesting lessons that would explore text and image?


About Camille Dempsey, Ed.D.

Cultural Theorist - Educator - Educational Technologist - Media Strategist LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/camilledempsey/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcdempsey3
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5 Responses to TypeDrawing on the iPad

  1. Wow, what a neat app – I’ve already put it on my iPad and can’t wait to explore the ways I can graphically represent my thinking with this tool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. coryarts says:

    Love this ap thank you so much for sharing Camille!

  3. Sure!! ; ) It was too cool to keep to myself!

  4. Barbara Loring says:

    Beautiful examples – Thank you, Camille!

  5. Sure Barbara. There are many more examples online….

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