Apps Organization

The other day I broke down and went into iTunes to sort the mess of apps I’ve accumulated on my iPad.  Like most folks I have begun to notice patterns and have attempted to sort and group my apps by types:  productivity, visual art, music, games, and so forth.

When I was at ISTE in Denver, I went to Leslie Fisher’s “iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone User Support Group Session” (she snuck in iPad stuff too because ISTE wouldn’t let her change the name after the proposal was accepted).  Leslie showed off her new iPhone 4.  One of my favorite features (no I haven’t gotten one yet) was the folder ability.  On the new OS for the iPhone4 you can drag an app on top of another and the OS makes a folder of that type of app.  From there you can organize your apps into groups, reducing the number of screens you have to scroll through to find the app you are looking for.

According to the scuttlebut on the net, the next upgrade for the iPad will include this feature.  I can’t wait – my apps are out of control!

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2 Responses to Apps Organization

  1. Christopher Galik says:

    The folders feature is indeed part of the next version of iOS, which is currently available for iPhone (3G, 3GS, and 4) and iPod Touch (2G, 3G). So, even tho you aren’t cool enough to have an iPhone 4 like Leslie and I, you can enjoy the foldery goodness on your 3GS.

  2. Hi Chris – thanks for adding specificity here. One of the coolest things Leslie did in her presentation was to video call another big tech guru, Kathy Shrock, on her iPhone 4. At that time, Kathy was sitting in the very next ballroom over from ours, listening to Will Richardson speak. What a strange thing it was to see Kathy’s face appear in our room, knowing she was next door, with her finger in the “shhhh” stance over her mouth. Just the comedy of people misbehaving to show-off technologies in new and interesting ways was amusing!

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