Digital Fingerpainting: Artists Exploring the “Brushes” App

Brushes App

I recently discovered that I could sync iPhone apps with the iPad so I happily transferred the “Brushes” app over to my iPad. CNN did a story yesterday on David Kassan, the artist who created a portrait “painting” using the Brushes app (see below):

ABC News also did a story on the “Brushes” app:

Although I have this app, I haven’t yet begun to explore it to the extent as the other artists I have seen. As I mentioned in a previous post, some of the art app tools feel a little like manipulating charcoal on the surface of smooth hot press paper. This is a familiar way for me to work on drawings. Although drawing on the iPad is a highly kinesthetic experience, I haven’t really felt that manipulating the surface of the ipad feels very much like fingerpainting however the term “digital fingerpainting” is an interesting one I have seen as I explore. Interested in other artists who use “Brushes?” If so, there is a Flickr group devoted to art created with the “Brushes” app. There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter group devoted to it.


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