Elluminate and the iPad

I have been wondering about using my iPad with Elluminate. Today I found out that while you cannot yet run Elluminate live on an iPad (because of the java/Apple friction), you can export the recordings in iPad-friendly formats (source: http://www.learncentral.org/forums/elluminate-product-support/ipad-future).

Because of their experience moderating web-based meetings via Elluminate, my fellow ArtsEdTeach bloggers Jamie and Mara might need to chime in to tell the blogosphere exactly how to do an iPad-friendly export. I would enjoy using my iPad to catch up on missed meetings.


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6 Responses to Elluminate and the iPad

  1. Jamie says:

    Leslie, I’ve not yet tried to export a webinar. Last time I checked, PDE’s subscription doesn’t allow us to do that. However, maybe I need to try to inquire again, as something may have changed.

    However, my state directors’ group using Cisco’s WebEx, which is not Java-based, and there is a WebEx app that allows me to connect directly to a webinar. That’s not an option for me because of the Department’s subscription with Elluminate, but it may be useful info for someone else.

  2. WiZiQ may be a solution at some point… One of my colleagues uses it as a tool to teach online. I did a search to see if they had developed a mobile app and it seems that there is one in the works for Android devices. It would be nice if the iPhone/iPad was more flash friendly since the WiZiQ platform involves Flash: http://www.wiziq.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=121 I am hoping that WiZiQ can find a way to create the app for the iPad/iPhone…

  3. Jamie,
    It would be worth asking again – because the last time I asked about exporting recordings so we could upload or embed them (a long time ago) the answer was that it was coming soon. In my book, soon has already passed 🙂

  4. Jim Lundy says:

    The iPad is going to become the learning device of choice going forward and it will get better as the newer android tablets come online too.

    Also, most of the leading web conferencing providers offer an iPad app now. Saba Centra for iPad allows people to participate in a meeting, talk over VoIP. Recordings are also supported and play very efficiently.

    I’ll also note that for performance, most are writing the app natively in ObjectiveC.

    • Mephi Herrera says:

      There is always competition and options. Personally I will rather try a Flytouch 3. Try pricing an Ipad with usb, ethernet and micro sd and 32gb against a Flytouch with on microsd 32gb and you will see a more “educational” pricing.

      I also want to try the new Always Innovating Tablet with the 4 OSes. After all Elluminate supposed to be a “OS independent Java application”.

      And since the originator of Java joined Google, I expect more transparency running Java in Google Chrome OS or even in Android.

      But for sure I can expect good things from the Beagleboard …

      So at the end … the price of Flytouch may convince me with a USB flexible keyboard and a 32 GB micro sd … but I like the Always Innovating Smartbook.

  5. John Oke says:

    In readiness for an upcoming online course, I have been given an MD41217 graphics tablet. This seems to work somehow with Paint. How do I test it to see that when the course starts,I should be able to fully participate?

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