Better Blogging

[tweetmeme]Just posted a rather long entry today and got to thinking. I’d seen a shorted article posted by Chris Galik and wondered how he shortened it. Had a snoop in the “New Post” window and found the “more” button. Paste that in after a few lines and, voila, you get a link to the rest of your article on a new page. Seems like a great addition to our blogging arsenal, as we each find more and more to say about our iPads.

On another note, Chris also figured out that by pasting the code:  anywhere in your blog posts, you can add a Twitter icon to your posts. This will allow readers to more easily tweet and/or retweet your blog postings. Again – really great for increasing readership of our blog! The only caveat – is that the reader has to click on the title of the post to see the full article – and therefore the Twitter button at the bottom. Thanks Chris!

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3 Responses to Better Blogging

  1. I would love to help create an app for artseducator… I saw the Google tool yesterday which is very cool….

  2. Thanks Chris and Mara on the post/info. on tweeting posts. It was very helpful!

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