24 hours of iPad

I am continuing my experiment today to explore how the iPad might become transformative in my work. I’ve started with assigning myself the goal of spending 24 hours using the iPad as my only technology source. So far I’ve discovered several things:
– the keyboard isn’t all that bad when you get used to it, although I am considerably slower and I find going to a particular spot in the text nearly impossible. Arrow keys would be so helpful, and why can’t the apostrophe be on the main keyboard?!
– the iPad is an attractive menace- I keep going to the ap store as I work checking to see if there might be an ap to do what I am doing. Could this be the start of becoming as James said an “apoholic”?
– I may need to purchase some iWork products if I want to do all of my work on the iPad but I am going to experiment with googledocs first

About Cory Wilkerson

Cory is a Free Lance Arts Education Consultant working with Arts Ed 2.0 and Project Manager for State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education.
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3 Responses to 24 hours of iPad

  1. Gaile Loomis says:

    I broke down and had to install the 3 iWorks apps! iWorks and our email/calendar client are the only fee-based apps I will be installing on the iPads I will be deploying to the department heads. I have taken on a more conservative approach and will let the departments decide if the iPad will fit in their curriculum. If I have positive feedback I will purchase more. I would hate to see them sitting on a desk collecting dust. (I use my iPad at home probably 90% of the time. I use my MacBook or PC laptop if I need Flash or a bigger screen.) I have found CloudBrowse for the iPad useful for on the fly but I dislike the chugginess and blurry screen. Gaile-Twitter @geloomis

  2. coryarts says:

    Thank you for the great Gail, please keep me posted on how your teachers use iPad if you can.

    • Gaile Loomis says:

      Yesterday I delivered an iPad to the English Dept (big smile from dept head.) I have one school iTunes account set up and noticed that many free books were downloaded last night! Cool! The next department will most likely be Math. Will keep you posted.

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