iPad keeps the seat warm

Today at the Pennsylvania Art Education Association Board meeting in Kutztown, the iPad served as a “stand in” for two colleagues who could not be physically present. The iPad rested on an acrylic craft easel at the place to my left in the board room. In front of it was the placard representing the voting member. It was if she was sitting next to me. Later in the day another colleague Skyped in from home to the meeting.

In both cases we tested Skype calls with the iPad and then with the macbook. I am told by James and Leslie that the quality was the same using the iPad or macbook to originate a Skype call for the teleconference. They spoke with us for about an hour each with great success. We were able to hear them talking in a large room without additional speakers. The built-in microphone on the iPad worked well to pick up individual voices in a group of about 20 people. Skype does not offer an iPad app yet but the iPhone/iPod touch app works fine. I simply set it to the 2x view to enlarge the graphics to fill the screen.The only thing that is missing on the is video capability. It also works well for VOIP calls. In fact, last month when my cell phone battery was dead and charger missing I placed a call from my iPad to a regular phone line. The sound quality was comparable to a cellular connection!


About Mary Elizabeth Meier

Program director of Mercyhurst University Art Education Program.
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2 Responses to iPad keeps the seat warm

  1. Jamie Kasper says:

    MEM, can you see the video that the other person has turned on? I’m planning to Skype in to the meeting today, and I didn’t know if I should plan on having my video on or not. Skype is the one app I have not installed on my iPad. I may need to do that today.

    On a related note, I know that the iPad camera connection kit contains an iPad to USB adapter. I wonder if you could plug in an external webcam using this adapter and have videoconferencing capability on the iPad?

  2. coryarts says:

    I just received my camera kit Jamie- I will test it out with a webcam.

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