iPad User Guide in iBooks

I was searching in the iBooks store when I came across this free user guide by apple. The following two ebook user guides may be of use to teachers who are adopting the iPad and would like to use a reference guide.

iPad User Guide ebook

Here is another ePub book that might be of interest to novice iPad users.
iPad Starter Guide by Macworld


About Mary Elizabeth Meier

Program director of Mercyhurst University Art Education Program.
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3 Responses to iPad User Guide in iBooks

  1. I haven’t read each book but I have scanned through each and read sections of each. The iPad Starter Guide by Macworld is not as complete, is not organized for quick start, has typos, and references products (not really ads, but close to it). The iPad User Guide from Apple is more complete, has very nice quick start section, more depth, includes trouble shooting section, and when using technical language explains clearly what the technical language means. Since they are both free (and the Apple guide is easier to download, much easier), I recommend the Apple guide to start. In fact, it might be a good idea to “purchase” the Apple guide through iBooks just to have it on the shelf.

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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