Pogo Sketch, the juicy pen for the iPad

I am list maPogo Sketch for iPadker. There is something so satisfying about checking off items on a to-do list with a really great juicy pen. Although I prefer to compose long forms of writing at my computer keyboard, there are times when I just want to think and write with a pen in my hand.

Every few days, I check the app store top apps to see what is new, popular, and highly rated. This is how I found the app Penultimate a few weeks ago which is a simple notebook app. I was interested in a review that a user  posted that referred to a stylus. I did some investigating and learned that a company called tenone makes a “Pogo Sketch” stylus for the iPad (and other touch devices with capacative screens). I accessed the tenone site via a link on the Penultimate app Website and got a 20% discount on my Pogo Sketch. Since I purchased my Pogo Sketch, the company has released a nifty iPad case that includes the stylus called Particle. At 34.95 this seems like an interesting option compared to other $30-40 iPad cases.

I like using the stylus as one option for writing notes and sketching using the art apps I have been experimenting with. The tip is a bit big and produces a broad line using most apps. All in all, I think it was worth the investment and I look forward to using it for sketching and drawing, not just writing to-do lists! Check out the gallery on the tenone site for inspiration.

About Mary Elizabeth Meier

Program director of Mercyhurst University Art Education Program.
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One Response to Pogo Sketch, the juicy pen for the iPad

  1. Hi MEM,

    I bought myself a stylus, and I believe James has one (saw it in his cool video demo of projecting his iPad that I hope he’ll post here soon!).

    I actually bought a VERY inexpensive 3pack of stylus’es from Amazon. They aren’t too bad – a wide tip as well. I hope actually to find one that has a much slimmer tip, especially for doing artwork.

    Just this week I needed to send my signature on a form – and used an art ap and my stylus to do it, email it to myself and then paste it in the doc. GO iPad as a way to do digital signature!

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