Stylus Technology

Mary Elizabeth’s post got me thinking – about her recommendation of the Pogo Stylus, and the cheepie knock off ones I got on Amazon for under a buck (they aren’t bad by the way – a good place to start).  I did a search and found out more about how the iPad works with a stylus and learned the terms “capacitive and resistive ” in terms of touchscreens. The iPad surface is calibrated to the human touch and is a capacitive touchscreen.  This is why a regular stylus that works with some devices, won’t work with the iPad – and why you can’t use your iPad with gloves on.

If you hope to buy a stylus for  your iPad, be sure to choose a capacitive one.  Here a re a couple of links to choices differing types of stylus that fit the bill for the iPad:

I’m guessing the technology here will improve with time.  My hope is to see a stylus with a finer point to it, allowing for a finer line.  I can imagine that digital artists might even hope to see a full set of choices in pen tips for drawing – much as a painter would have a variety of brushes in his toolkit.

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3 Responses to Stylus Technology

  1. Mary Elizabeth Meier says:

    I love all this technical stuff! I think that the iPad and other apple devices utilize the new capacative touch screen technology. Older devices used the resistive technology.

  2. You are totally right MEM – thanks for the catch. I’ve edited the blogpost accordingly!

  3. Cory Wilkerson says:

    Great information thanks Mara and Mem!

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