Gadgets on a Budget

Thinking about teachers using the iPad, I’ve also been considering the kinds of “add-ons” they might want.  Many of the brand name cases, cords, styluses, apps, etc.  come with a hefty sticker price.  Lately, I’ve begun to notice some budget items – actually some which seem too good to be true.  To save our folks the hassle of buying items that turn out to be duds, I’ve purchased a couple of items that seemed almost too inexpensive to be true after searching for iPad accessories in a “low to high” price range.  Here’s what I have in hand so far:

  1. Three pack of universal stylus touch pens ($1.28) – not as responsive as my finger, but not bad either.  For the price, I think well worth it.
  2. Hard cover case (for my iPhone) ($0.99) – this was bundled along with the styluses – and believe it or not, its not a bad product for the buck I paid for it!  I’m keeping it as a backup for when my current phone case gives out.
  3. Leather carrying case with stand for the iPad ($7.45) – this is the one I was most excited about, considering the Apple version is well over $40.  It arrived on Friday and I must say its quite nice – I’d recommend this for folks who want a padded case with stand, for a low, low price.
  4. Car charger for the iPad ($2.16) – this hasn’t arrived yet, so I’ll amend the post once I’ve given it a whirl.

Thus far I’ve spent $11.88 (not including shipping) for cheap stuff for my iPad.  (I used the free jumbo calculator function on my iPad to add up the costs.) I actually haven’t been disappointed yet!

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One Response to Gadgets on a Budget

  1. Christopher Galik says:

    That leather case looks very tempting…. I bought a sleeve for a 9″ netbook at Marshall’s for about that price and am thus far satisfied for travel purposes, but I am sometimes miffed that I can’t use it while its in the case, so this might be a good buy!

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