Have iPad, Will Move

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, as I’ve been awash in a sea of boxes and the details of moving.  My iPad was with me every step of the way though,  traveling with me wherever I went, and it helped with the process tremendously.

My iPad accompanied me to the local coffee house to meet the real estate agent for the first time.  It helped me to compare property values with the Zillow app, to track stock prices when I wanted to gather funds for closing, and to keep an eye on email during the move.  The The last few days before moving, when everything else was packed, taped and ready to go – I kept my wireless router plugged in, and my iPad served as my main forum for checking email and surfing the web.  It let me look up a recipe when my books were all packed, and it let me watch a Netflix video when I collapsed into bed from exhaustion!

The first night after the move, once the new wireless was up and running, my iPad played salsa music on the deck (via the Pandora app) to help me celebrate the new digs.  I am now seeing that its just a matter of time with an iPad to really make it an integral part of daily life.  It can do so much, and with the recent software upgrades it now seems to effortlessly flow from network to network, remembering settings and putting itself online in an instant – not so with the slower booting up of the netbook.

Showing a friend the netbook and iPad side by side in my first real head-to-head demonstration of the two tools (and two different operating systems) she thought the iPad won hands down for elegance, ease of use, and speed.   She felt the only thing the iPad lacked was a keyboard that made clicking sounds.  I’m sure she can get over that as quickly as I have!

Hooray for the iPad – it makes moving a breeze!

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2 Responses to Have iPad, Will Move

  1. Leslie Gates says:

    if only the ipad could lift boxes…

  2. … or change diapers! LOL!

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