From Quest to Odyssey

I had read online that In Windows Vista and Windows 7, some background processes can cause issues for other programs and processes. These conflicts can prevent applications such as iTunes and QuickTime Player from working correctly, opening, or even installing. I suspect that is the source of my problem.  One might be able to resolve these conflicts by disabling some items using the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG) in Windows.  However I know that Disabling third-party System Services and Startup Items can prevent some software or OEM hardware on your computer from working correctly.

Before undertaking radical measures I decided to ask my AE2.0 colleagues for their insight at a face-to-face planning meeting.  After seeing the situation, and being empathetic and sympathetic nobody was able to help me solve the problem.   So I resolved to take the netbook to the apple store and see if anyone there can figure it out.

The following morning my wife said “before you do that why don’t you try synching it on my laptop?”.  She has an HP.  So I tried and guess what.  To my pleasant surprise everything worked perfectly with no problem whatsoever!  So now I was able to access everything using my wife’s computer.  Little did I realize what was about to happen next.


About David Berlin

Composer, music educator, consultant, husband and proud father.
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