Spreading the iWord in WNY

This is me.


You may have noticed a reduction in the frequency of my posts. Well, actually, you probably haven’t. Because hey, who am I? Anywhom…

I have relocated. I now work for the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, which is situated just outside Buffalo, NY. I genuinely enjoy my new job, but it has been an incredibly busy summer!!! Hundreds of new machines to be imaged and deployed, hundreds more to be retasked in other rooms, plus the usual fires to put out. My desk has become less like a workspace and more like a distant cousin that I see every few years.

However, in my techno-travels, iHave been spreading the iWord about the iPad to anyone who will iListen. Okay, that’s too many iWords. Further, I (that one doesn’t count) have been speaking the praises of the AE20 project to the teachers and administrators at my new district. Jealousy abounds.

Now that summer is over and we get back to our day to day lives, I assumed I would have more time to focus on my iPad and this blog. iWas wrong. Sorry, had to do it.

In the first weeks of school, we have lost two of our technicians to medical issues. The workload is being distributed amongst the remaining techs, and as such, I continue to be ridiculously busy. My open work orders never seem to shrink. Oh well. iAm not dead, iAm not gone, iAm still available for questions, and iLook forward to having more time to writing more iPosts.

Okay, that last one was just silly.


About Christopher Galik

Tech Services Department, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, Buffalo, NY. My district's name is longer than yours. I fix things with plugs.
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4 Responses to Spreading the iWord in WNY

  1. Hey, welcome to WNY! I’m in Rochester, but I get to Buffalo often. There’s a WNY iPhone Developers Group that meets twice a month, in downtown Buffalo.

    Check out my app at http://www.AutoVerbal.com and if you have any students with communication difficulties, I can free provide promo codes!

    • Christopher Galik says:

      Thanks for the welcome! I actually bought AutoVerbal when I saw it written up on TUAW, and spread word of it through the IU. =)

  2. Hey Chris – we surely miss your wry sense of humor around the IU. So glad to hear things are going well. Only 10 days until our deployment of 48 iPads into the art, music and theatre teaching stream… its going to be an exciting ride!

    All the best,

  3. Mary Elizabeth Meier says:

    Chris, Good luck in your new job! Thanks for spreading the word about AE2!

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