iPads and the CFF Coach Listserv

In PA we are blessed to have had several years of a one-to-one laptop initiative called “Classrooms for the Future” or CFF for short.  The coaches across the state are part of a listserve which is sometimes dormant and other times a flurry of questions, responses, and sharing.  Today, the iPad has become the topic du jour.

In posting there about our AE2.0 iPad launch next week, I thought I’d share here one of the items that came in response to the iPad sharing.  Eric Leach, and his colleague are doing a spreadsheet survey to collect and display the best iPad apps. I’m sure many of us can add our favorites to this list.  Here’s a wiki on iPads for teaching mentioned by Virgina Glatzer.  And here’s a great article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on September 2nd about a middle school pilot of the iPad at Bethel Park SD in Western PA this year.

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One Response to iPads and the CFF Coach Listserv

  1. WebGalPat says:

    You may want to pass my site on: iPads for Distrcit Administrators: http://www.mhric.org/ipad.html

    There is also a form there for you to add your apps.

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