We are not alone

The post made on the CFF coach listserv yesterday about the iPad continues to create lots of buzz.  We’ve gotten some posts to our blog, some folks asking to join our project wiki, and a continued influx of great resources related to iPads, teachers, and their use in the classroom.

Today came a great post of a blog being kept by a professor at Kansas State University. She offered her pre-service teachers an iPad on their first day of class in a course on Technology for Teaching and Learning.  We can follow along to see how her teacher’s blogging may impact our work and enjoy their plethora of resources as well!

Another offering appeared this afternoon – a great article posted to TeacherMagazine in the Leading from the Classroom Blog.  This article titled “Schooled on my iPad” is a great comparison of a traveller – armed with iPad, and with the traditional trappings of a serious academic.  It covers many of the apps we’ve tried, in a humorous lighthearted story.  Might be a great read for new CIG members with new iPads to help them navigate what the tool can and can’t do for them!

Here is a nice article written by a gal with physical challenges.  She writes eloquently about her iPad as a tool for equal access.  It features links out to other blogs and resources.

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One Response to We are not alone

  1. Mary Elizabeth Meier says:

    Mara, I really liked the “Schooled on my iPad” article. I feel the same way as the author. The iPad is great for productivity and entertainment. It is highly portable and can stand in for many things in the traveler’s carry on or the student’s back pack. I also use it alongside my computer at my desk to do some of the comparative work she was describing. I suspect that some of the unrealized potential of the iPad lies with it’s ability to function with other tools and tech.

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