Kindle app woes

Well, I am reading my first book using the Kindle app and I have a few complaints. The complaints are about the functionality of the Kindle app, not the actual book that I am reading.

Complaint #1:
Kindle’s highlighting feature is quite clumsy. Often I begin highlighting halfway through a sentence and only want to highlight one or two words. The highlighting tool often highlights way more than I want it to or jumps around as I attempt to maneuver my finger through the sentence. I am not sure how a stylus might improve this experience, but for the average iPad user attempting to work with my finger as my main tool, I have found the highlight feature rather frustrating. I know that the highlight feature in iAnnotate works much better, but I do not currently know of a way to get a book purchased through Kindle to transfer to iAnnotate. I am open to suggestions.

Complaint #2:
Although there may be a way for me to make notes about highlighted sections, I am not sure how to do this or if it can be accomplished. These days, when something sparks a thought, I have to write down the thought. I’m never quite sure when I will be able to return to the book/thought. Not having a way within the app to mark up the text is very frustrating for this avid note-maker who is also a busy new mom.

Complaint #3:
Where in the world am I? The other day I was reading in chapter 1 and found a quote that might possibly end up in my dissertation. The problem? The pages of the electronic version of the book are not parallel to the pages in the printed version, I assume. That is, unless this book has a few thousand pages. The bottom of the Kindle app has a slider that attempts to tell me where I am located in the book, but I hadn’t read more than about 10 pages and it was telling me that I was 230/2024. I’m not sure what to make of that. Is it the word count? Normally, this wouldn’t matter. However, I write for academic audiences and when I find a good quote, I need a citation that includes a page number. I will not continue to buy professional books using the Kindle app if I cannot find a way to generate the actual printed page number where the quote lives.

To be fair, here are some things I really like about the Kindle app:
1. The bookmark feature is easy to use and very handy.
2. The page flip with touch or slide is nice. I imagine this is standard in most book readers these days.
3. The text is clear, and I can adjust the size of the text.
4. There is a built-in dictionary feature. If I pause over a word, the kindle app highlights the word and the dictionary entry appears at the bottom of the screen.

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