2 Days to iPad Heaven!

With just under 2 days to go, we are about to embark on an ambitious iPad pilot with a group of art, music and theatre educators.  Twelve of us have spent the past 5 months using our iPads and blogging here about everything and anything we’ve discovered while integrating them into our busy, mixed-up, over-lapping, teacher-administrator-artist-actor-student-mommy-grandfather-techlover lives.

The iPads are here.  We’ve got 47 teachers coming to be part of the project on Friday and they’ll get their new equipment at lunchtime.  We’ll be using our project wiki, in addition to a brand-new project NING launched today to gather documentation of the inquiry we’ll be doing.  Pretty soon we will be a 60+ iPad project.  Its an exciting time to be here at IU1!

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3 Responses to 2 Days to iPad Heaven!

  1. Phil Mabey says:

    This project sounds really interesting. I found your site via a Google search because I co-write a blog all about using the iPad creatively, but I am also an ‘Educator’, not a real teacher like you guys (I work in the UK Public Sector teaching IT to adults).

    I hope you don’t mind but I have quoted your post and created links to your Vimeo videos and asked our readers to check this blog out. I have subscribed and look forward to seeing how it goes with your project.

    I would love to be in the room where 48 new iPads unveiled, so will be thinking of you all later. I hope you have fun today!

    (I’m not a spammer so I won’t put the URL here, but if you would like to see our site please click on my name.)

  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your kind response. The iPad deployment was so much fun to watch – we got video of it which will hopefully make its way up online. You can see some of our folks in action today at our liveblog here: http://www.coveritlive.com/index.php?option=com_altcaster&task=playaltcast&altcast_code=3797bc4078

  3. Thanks for posting this

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