Next Tentative Steps

… and so it seems we are on a roll with inquiry, innovation, arts educators and technology.  We’ve built a core of teachers up from direct instruction, to struggling with first steps in the inquiry process, to full-blown inquiry based professional development.  We’ve given this group the tools they need, the time they need, the support they need, and most importantly, the freedom they need to find the pathways best for their own learning.


We are also watching them closely, knowing the clock is ticking on the project time-line, and that we will only have them with us in a formal way until May of 2011.  In that light, we have chosen to expand our collaborative documentation of learning in the ArtsEducator 2.0 project beyond the use of Wikispaces to a NING.  Rather than brand the NING to the project, we have chosen to spearhead a broader effort at IU1 to model effective use of technology.  Meeting the IU1 strategic planning goal to showcase and support best practices in Web 2.0 technologies, our Arts Educator 2.0 participants are taking their first tentative steps in the creation of an IU1 NING.  Much like we have done with iPads, we’ve just sent out an invitation to come and explore – and we are now watching to see how our creative folks will dream up the best use of the space.  We welcome you to take a peek – although we are going to keep the membership closed for just a few months.  At the request of our facilitators and participants, we’d like to  get our feet wet with NING before leading the way on behalf of the IU and broader audiences.

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