AE2.0 Year 3, Day 1 Video

We are fortunate with our Arts Educator 2.0 project to have been able to employ the services of a young videographer, Jared Thompson, for the past two years.  Jared comes to our onsite workshops at IU1 and documents our day long events, then transforming the footage into short segments uploaded on Vimeo for us to use in dissemination, presentations, and with district leadership when we talk about the project. Jared has finished and uploaded his first creation for this year, our final year of our grant from the USDOE.

Have a look at Jared’s latest creation: the AE 2.0 Year 3 Kick Off Video from ArtsEducator2.0 on Vimeo.  It features footage of teachers engaged in a technology playground, as well as documentation of the excitement around the iPad deloyment.

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